"Neighbor to Neighbor was born out of the tender kindness of a child, putting himself in someone else’s shoes."


Neighbor to Neighbor started with a photo in a magazine by Muhammed Muheisen. My son, who was four at the time, began asking questions: What are refugees? How do people become refugees? How can we help? As a family we began organizing creative, child-directed  fundraisers and advocating for State-side refugee resettlement organizations. We also began to see a need for deep-rooted community experiences for refugees and immigrants in the South Bend area. Thus Neighbor to Neighbor was born out of the tender kindness of a child, putting himself in someone else’s shoes.


Our mission is to create mutual relationships among South Bend’s immigrant and non-immigrant population, through meaningful friendships and community networking.


Intercultural friendships are the backbone of Neighbor to Neighbor. We build community by the art of neighboring. We attempt to connect refugees and immigrants to people in our South Bend area community to be community liaisons and build mutual friendships.

We want to help our refugee and immigrant population navigate the new set of systems that they will encounter from living in the South Bend area. This includes, but is not limited to, knowing about community events, getting a library card, understanding the tax system, writing resumes, seeking sustainable employment, and feeling comfortable in our collective home.

As Neighbor to Neighbor’s history shows, we value the passions and creativity of all—young, old, and everyone in between. We all can be part of the solution, whatever our skills and personalities. Involving everyone, even at a young age, teaches us that we can all be part of the solution, and anyone can join a movement for change.

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