Freedom & Independence

Having a driver’s license is essential to living and working freely in northern Indiana.
Access to this right for immigrant newcomers increases their likelihood of being gainfully employed and makes every aspect of family life more doable – grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, getting children to school, and so much more – not to mention reducing extra strain on state and federal resources. 

Putting valid driver’s licenses in the hands of our new neighbors benefits everyone.

Driving Simulator

In 2022, Neighbor to Neighbor raised funds to purchase a driving simulator — a full cab with video game controls to practice driving rules and situations. The simulator is housed in La Casa de Amistad‘s tech hub, where community members can sign up to practice driving for one hour at a time. 

  • Practicing drivers are encouraged to bring an English speaker with them to help interpret the simulator instructions.
  • Sessions are 1 hour each and count towards the 50 hours of driving required by an Indiana learner’s permit. 
  • La Casa is located at 3423 S Michigan St, South Bend, IN 46614
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