Tuesday, December 05, 2023 Press Release

N2N receives two local grants to fund Welcome Project

By Lisa Oglesbee

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SOUTH BEND, Indiana — In recent weeks, Neighbor to Neighbor has received two grants from local organizations to fund the Welcome Project: one from the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County and one from the University of Notre Dame’s Philanthropy and the Common Good class.

Through the Welcome Project, Neighbor to Neighbor trains volunteer teams to be paired with newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers in St. Joseph County. Not only do volunteers practice welcoming newcomers through assisting with everyday needs such as transportation assistance and education, employment assistance, and meal sharing, to name a few, but the volunteers are welcomed by the newcomers into their own homes and lives. Neighbor to Neighbor believes that this mutual act of welcome makes the South Bend community stronger, safer, and kinder.

The Community Foundation of St. Joseph County (CFSJC) awarded a $25,000 matching grant to Neighbor to Neighbor’s Welcome Project through their Special Project Grants, which encourage projects in community development and urban affairs; parks, recreation, and environment; health and human services; and youth and education. Other local nonprofits to receive awards this year are the Center for the Homeless, the Women’s Care Center, the Boys & Girls Club of St. Joseph County, Clubhouse of St. Joseph County, and Unity Gardens, for a total of $455,000 in awards granted. 

Additionally, this fall the students in the Philanthropy and the Common Good class at the University of Notre Dame awarded a total of $59,000 to five local nonprofits. The class is supported by The Philanthropy Lab, a Texas-based nonprofit devoted to philanthropy education that provides financial and curricular support for students from a variety of academic backgrounds to engage with local nonprofits while learning about the history and role of philanthropy in the United States. Neighbor to Neighbor was awarded $10,000 by the class to help fund the Welcome Project, an amount that is eligible to go toward the CFSJC’s matching grant since it is funding the same project. 

Throughout the month of December, Neighbor to Neighbor will be highlighting the scope and reach of the Welcome Project as part of its end-of-year giving matching campaign with the goal of raising the remaining $15,000 of the CFSJC’s matching grant. All donations given to Neighbor to Neighbor in the month of December will go toward the Welcome Project. To learn more about the campaign and to donate, click the link below. 


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