Michelle's Story


Becoming a “neighbor” to an immigrant in my community has been so enriching and eye-opening! I’ve been meeting a few times a month with a young woman who is seeking asylum in the United States, and I have been so blessed to get to know her. So far our meetings have been one-on-one, but I look forward to introducing her to my family soon. She is smart, brave, and kind, even as she’s going through some difficult circumstances.

As I’ve been getting to know her, one thing that has surprised me is the realization of how little I know about some of the different places in our world. Prior to meeting my friend, I knew of her country of origin in name alone. After getting to know her and hearing more about her journey here, I’ve learned about the strife and violence happening where she came from and about the danger she and her family faced​—a​nd even now continue to face. It shocked me to learn about the situation in her home country because I haven’t seen any news about it here. It’s made me question how much I know about the world, and it’s made me realize how vital asylum is for so many who are vulnerable in their home countries.

I’m excited to continue learning from and growing closer to my neighbor as we get to know each other better. I also hope to be a good friend and neighbor as she goes through the asylum process and continues to explore life in the United States. I’m thankful for the opportunity Neighbor to Neighbor has provided me to enter into such a meaningful friendship!

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